Aadu 2 Movie Review : Total Entertainer

Even while not a powerful plot line, Aadu 2 is AN absolute comedy film with many laugh- out-loud moments. Like, the prequel of the film, the crux of the moviecould be a tug of war competition that Shajipappan and team area unit planning to win. this time instead of a goat, the prize could be a golden cup.

This picture too have declamatory entries for Shajipappan (Jayasurya) and his team. there’s a clash between the police and also the boys, and also the entry of the protagonist itself makes one apprehend that the film goes to be a mass human throughout. because it evolves, we have a tendency to see the characters such as Vijay babu (S I Sarbath Sameer), Arakkal Abu (Saiju Kurup) and dude (Vinayakan) being introduced.

Dude, the villain within the previous film who had are available in search of Neelakoduveli (a miraculous plant) is not a mobster however AN worker at a localrestaurant. he’s hacking a plot to rob its owner. There are such a big amount of humorous moments wherever dude keeps on obtaining ill-treated by his leader, with none reason – ‘just for fun’. The fun is emanated to the audience similarly. Meanwhile, Satan Xavier (Sunny Wayne) from the previous film and his gang area unit busy dealing with international smugglers and is creating cash. Around this point, demonetization hits, serving an enormous blow to all.

Shajipappan, who is in an exceedingly financial struggle, plans to create some fast greenbacks by collaborating in an exceedingly tug-of-war competition. They work hard for it through constant observe and planning. The results of the competition and also the events that follow make up the film.

It is a film for fans of Shajipappan WHO turned a cult character despite the fact that Aadu flopped at the box office. the most recent flick is stuffed with fun and laughter. Jayasurya has created Shajipappan all the additional alive with fabulous screen presence and impeccable acting skills. As referred to as by the makers, the ‘Amarchitrakatha’ sort film has managed maintain the Shajipappan craze. With the recently designed mundu and conventionalised hair, Jayasurya immortalises the character.

It is not simply Shajipappan, however conjointly the opposite characters like Arakkal Abu, Captain Cleetus (Dharmajan Bolgatty) who create the film participating. Saiju Kurup desires a special mention for creating Arakkal Abu a adorable yet remarkable character. He will add it to at least one of his best roles in films.

The screen presence of satan Xavier, dude and SI Shameer, and also the comic temporal arrangement of Dharmajan Bolgatty, Bhagat Manuel, Harikrishnan, Vineet Mohan should be lauded. Anson Paul’s is in an exceedingly fully new rise and also the character has explored his acting capabilities and he has done justice to that.

Background score is AN integral part of the film because it provides the viewers the kick whereas the gang will mass actions. Shaan Rahman has done it well. However, none of the songs are unforgettable

The film is AN human however has an equivalent chaos of colors and multiple stories that its prequel had. it’d are higher if the film that is currently 2 hours thirty five minutes had been reduced to a pair of hours. Midhun Manuel Thomas’ has managed to keep up the expectations of Shajipappan fans.

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