Apple will design own power chips In 2018: Report

Frankfurt: Apple  is designing its own power-management chips for use in iPhones as early as 2018, the Nikkei business daily reported on Thursday.

After bringing their own A-series processors and creating a dedicated SIP   (System-in-Package) for Apple Watch, Apple is now designing its own power management chips that are planned for the iPhone models that will debut in 2018. UK- based on Dialog Semiconductor currently manufactures power chips for all iPhone models, but a report by Japanese newspaper Nikkei states that Apple aims to reduce dependence on third-party vendors through the internal design of an administration chip of energy. The stock of dialogue fell 19 percent after the news.

An energy management chip on an iPhone is responsible for its charging function, battery management and power consumption. Although current chips work well across the iPhone, the Nikkei report notes that internal development will help Apple integrate hardware and software with better results. The army led by Tim Cook would also have the opportunity to differentiate the experience of competitors such as Huawei and Samsung by deploying its patented technology. In addition, future iPhone models may have an appropriate advance to offer a longer battery life.

Citing industry sources, the report states that Apple has planned to “partially replace, or about half” of existing power management chips with its own semiconductor technology. The Cupertino giant allegedly accounted for 74 percent of Dialog

9;s revenues in 2016. This suggests that the company would face a huge loss with the latest development.

In a recent interview with Reuters, Dialog CEO Jalal Bagherli refuted earlier rumors that Apple was moving away from his company. “The relationship is still very strong, we have been invited to design many new products, more than we can choose,” the executive told the news agency in May.

However, an analyst report that emerged in April suggested that Apple had recruited some of Dialog’s best engineers in Munich. Recruitment is likely to contribute to the informed development of customized feed chips.

Reading, based in the United Kingdom, Dialog is not the only provider with which Apple leaves their relationship. Imagination Technologies, the company behind the PowerVR series GPUs, also received an exit notification from the iPhone manufacturer earlier this year. In an official statement in April, the British chip designer had said that Apple would no longer use its graphics processors in 15 months or two years.

The trend of developing custom chips for iPhone models began in 2008 when Apple acquired PA Semi based in Silicon Valley. That acquisition resulted in the development of the Apple A4 chip that debuted on the iPhone 4 in 2010.

If we believe in Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Woo Jin Ho, the next generation of the iPhone would not come with Apple’s custom chip and would still using the Dialog power management chips. However, it is quite likely that the iPhone line finally gets a native solution to manage the power.

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