Daivame Kaithozham K. Kumarakanam Movie Review

The film revolves around however the lives of married couple|family|family unit} K krishna Kumar and his wife Nirmala go for a toss, when lord almighty enters their house. 

REVIEW: Through the everyday banter of K Kumar and his wife, Daivame Kaithozham K Kumarakanam talks about gender roles and the need for discussing and understanding the dimensions of both sexes. 

The film starts with lord almighty and his loyal assistant Mayaduttan setting off on a journey to Earth, and while trying to zero in on an area to stay throughout their sojourn, the couple decide that K Kumar is that the apt person for that. the rationale they attribute to that is that he’s one person, WHO does not keep shrewish god through his prayers not like the trillions from the remainder of the world. 

However, as shortly they land within the world of the mortals, the divine entities ar exposed to the individual ways in which of human beings and the current state of affairs, one such instance being the hartal and a majority of residents in Kerala being ‘Bengalis’, thereby throwing light-weight on the flighty and outre. 
Delving deep into K Krishna Kumar’s life, God sees that having his wife serve him everything on a platter, he has so become a loafer, and Nirmala successively virtuallyworks sort of a dog from dawn to crepuscle. Her constant rantings regarding the labor throws light on the umpteen homemakers, WHO fail to urge a breathing spacethroughout the day. 

During one in every of their regular arguments regarding WHO has more grandeur -a man or a woman, and the perennial conditioning of the society about the submissive role that a woman or a wife is expected to perform, they find yourself difficult one another to travel for a job reversal. while God intermittently hints at a greater threat that is ought to arise in future because of this action, each of them conveniently sideline his advice for caution and move on with their bet together with his permission. 
What starts as an interesting task later becomes a baggage, and Krishna Kumar and Nirmala commit to hash out with God regarding identical. God negates their request and claims that Krishna Kumar can got to pay a significant worth by virtually living a woman’s life and experiencing those painful experiences she is subjected to, as well as a labour pain. This ends up in a great deal of surprising things, that trigger laughter. however the couple start off of the enigma forms the remainder of the story. 

That said, there ar spurts of gender education regarding however there’s no such job as a male job or one that pertains to only girls, and why it’s utterly legit that a person shares the unidentified domestic work with his counterpart. The constant leg pulling and satiric remarks of the characters from the word go becomes a reflectionof however trivial groups of people, WHO ar thought of God’s best creation until date, can be. 

Daivame Kaithozham K Kumarakanam brings back the genius of actor Jayaram, WHO will ace humorous sequences similarly as emotional scenes. Anusree offers full justice to Nirmala’s characterfifine, and their performance along is matched just right. 

Nedumudi Venu exudes grace as God, and therein regard, it prompts one to draw a parallel between him and also the Hollywood actor Morgan citizen, WHO additionallycompete the Alpha and the Omega within the film Bruce Almighty. Pradeep Kottayam because the ideal crony captures hearts together with his lovely character and additionally tickles the funny bones of the audience through his humorous however satirical comments. Surabhi Lakshmi plays the role of the shrewish Betty Kandankoran, WHO is coordinating the village and temple activities. 

Salim Kumar additionally brings his comedy brigade through the performances of actors resembling Indrans, Harisree Asokan and many other character roles, thatcompletes the narrative.
The film takes a jibe at an array of things in society such as people conveniently turning the city into a dumpyard, the culture of panel discussions and breaking news on TV and also the like, among many others. 

Beautifully woven with comedy, the narrative brings to the fore however girls are digging their own grave by treating them sort of a king, rather than AN equal, and additionally asserts that handing a brush to a person will ne’er be looked down upon. Through God comes associate epiphany, as he says that rather than being a person hater or a lady oppressor, what’s needed is basic compassion between each genders. 

The locales take you through the surreal side of naadu, and cause you to fall soft on with it all over once more. 

Coming from the magic hat of comedian salim Kumar, it’s no surprise that the film is packed with humour. However, he ensures that it is not limited to a slapstick comedy ANd emphasises the necessity for an empathetic attitude tow

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