Eeda Movie Review

Eeda Story: Anand (Shane Nigam) is employed in AN insurance company in Mysore and Aishwarya (Nimisha Sajayan) may be a grad student there. The duo, WHOowe allegiance to 2 rival political parties, KJP and KPM, with strong presence in North Malabar, fall infatuated with each other. 

Eeda Review: I did not love you, when checking the color of the flags….Anand confesses his like to Aiswarya. each ar from families, WHO are hard-core political rivals, but love makes forget the political calamity that is sweeping their town. Eeda is regarding love within the time of political chaos at Kannur. and how Anand and Aiswarya talk over this example to keep alive their true love is what the movie is all regarding.

Even whereas unfolding the story of Aishwarya and Anand, director B Ajithkumar weaves a political drama. Hartal, the state’s best pursuit, becomes provides the explanation for Anand to meet his heroine Aishwarya.

In the half, the story of the protagonists is developed slowly and steadily whereas the surprising chain of events back home forces them to fall apart. The scenic fantastic thing about the locales of Kannur and town lifetime of Mysore are captured well on frames by cinematographer Pappu, WHO had cranked camera for the film, Njan Steve Lopez. Marking his debut in direction, Ajithkumar scores well together with his own script that sketches a sensitive and extremely up to date subject.

Shane Nigam lives through the character until the top. when successfully delivering the chaste non-standard speech of Malappuram in Kismath, the young actor proves his heart again by rendering the country tongue of Kannur. His realistic approach works well whereas the same cannot be same about Nimisha, WHO is dramatic occasionally. Alencier ley Lopez, Manikandan R Achari, Sujith Sankar, Sudhi Koppa, Surabhi Lekshmi and Shelly Kishore merit appreciation although their roles arsmall. 

The motion picture brings out the culture of violence prevalent within the space and also the alleged ideology of tit-for-tat killings. Says a celebration employee, WHOremains covert, “It isn’t the police that we’d like to worry however the others…”. there’s a splash of humour and a touch of humor. 

The director succeeds in holding a mirror to the ‘here and also the currently (Eeda) and can actually notice favour with the politically conscious also because thepolitically fed up but perhaps the action sequences may have been recorded higher.

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