Explaining How toTurn Off All the Touch Sounds in Android

Out of the box, your phone probably makes annoying sounds for everything you do. These might drive you crazy simply because you get sick of the noise, or maybe because it disturbs those around you. Thankfully, you can disable the dumb sounds your phone makes so it only makes noise when needed

How to Disable Touch Sounds in Android

On Android, open Settings and scroll down to Sound. You’ll see several volume options; select Advanced to see the rest. Then, scroll down to view the Other sounds and vibrations options. We recommend leaving Charging sounds on since that helps you confirm you’ve connected your charger properly, but the rest you can disable safely

Touch sounds, are the clicking noises you hear every time you tap something on the screen. You also might want to turn off Vibrate on tap to save some battery, Screen locking sounds since they’re pointless, and Dial pad tones so your phone doesn’t sound like it’s from 40 years ago when you call someone.

On iOS, there aren’t any comparable touch sounds. But you can disable the keyboard clicking sounds and the lock screen sounds if they annoy you. Just head to Settings > Sounds (Sounds & Haptics for iPhone 7 and newer) and scroll down. Here, you can disable Lock Sounds and Keyboard Clicks.

You might like these sounds, and that’s fine! But some people like to keep their phones as quiet as possible, and these repetitive noises get on your nerves after a while. For more volume fun, check out how to override silent mode with a text message.

Do you like the touch sounds or do they annoy you? Which of these options have you left on and turned off? Tell us down in the comments!

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