Kunchacko Boban’s Shikkari Shambu’s Trailer Released

The trailer of Kunchacko Boban next film Shikkari Shambu directed by Sugeeth within which he plays Peelipose aka Peeli, WHO claims to be a leopard hunter may be a far-out yet thrilling one. It additionally features Vishnu Unnikrishnan, of Kattapanayile Ritwik Roshan fame and Sshivada. because the director aforementioned regarding the movie- an entertainer- the trailer may be a fun ride that reveals the essential plot of the movie that it’s the story of 2 young men WHO claims to be hunters. The trailer suggests that the film has explored the beauty of the interiors of Kothamangalam.

Shikkari Shambu Official Trailer

Here is the Official Trailer of 🐯 Shikkari Shambhu Movie 🎁 Fun Unlimited ! January Release !

Posted by Kunchacko Boban on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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