‘Mohanlal’s trust in his character,Shrikumar Menon Made him take the Risk for Odiyan’

Since Mohanlal’s seek for Odiyan was undraped, the social media has been droning with several questioning if it suited him and others heaping praise because it reminded them of the actor’s look in Iruvar, that was free twenty years agone.

               Either way, the actor has ensured that he tried to deliver what he secure once he took up the role of Odiyan Manickan.Meanwhile, on Mohanlal effort no stone unturned for his role within the film, a supply near to the ace, on condition of namelessness, tells us, “Many filmmakers had antecedently demanded him to shed weight for the roles however Lal sir has set to require the plunge as a result of the trust in director VA Shrikumar yet as his character.” Mohanlal is predicted to begin shooting for the ultimate schedule of the motion picture in Palakkad solely from Jan 5, 2018.

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