Nivin Pauly as Richie, Is The Film Good or Bad? Richie movie review

Nivin Pauly, in his maiden Tamil outing Richie, doesn’t arrive with a lot of fanfare as several would’ve expected. He instead chooses to form an assured debut during a role that’s tough to drag off and exhausting to outline. Agreed, he gets to run in slow-motion a number of times, dance to in style Rajinikanth songs and smoke stylishly, however there’s nothing heroic concerning his character to form us celebrate his arrival.

As a viewer, you pay loads of your time making an attempt to know Richie – a bit like Shraddha’s character, a journalist, who tries to be told a lot of concerning him as she digs up an old incident to present the story a recent color. However, you don’t quite get to understand him until the top. That’s the case with most of the characters in Richie, that is a slow however fascinating character study of however sure things fuel the actions of some characters.
Nivin plays a reckless, remorseless rowdy. He breaks someone’s nose as a result of he has got to persuade the planet it’s his work. His cognomen is Sagayam (means ‘to help’) and he’s faithful it once he accepts blame for the sake of his friend. He plays the role effectively and manages to urge Tamil right additionally.

The film’s plot is incredibly acquainted. one incident paves manner for multiple versions as a result of completely different characters concerned are aware of it from their own perspective. The incident is seen from the eyes of every character and every version unravels a lot of mystery, however it misses the suspense part to boost the proceedings. this might are a straightforward plot however it’s deliberately dig many components.
The actors get beneath the skin of the character and performances of snappy, Lakshmi Priya, raj bharat and Tulasi stand out. However, the extraordinarily slow narrative could be a disappointment and makes even the 2 hour film feel extremely long.

Richie is technically splendid. Shot within the coastal city of Manapad, every frame is fantastically lit up in orange, red and blue by Pandi Kumar. Ajaneesh Loknath’s background score merit a lot of praise than the songs.

Richie isn’t for the regular film-goer however it’s still one among those makes an attempt that deserve support.

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