Parvathy Under Cyber Attack, Thousands Of Dislikes For Her My story

The making video of actor Parvathy’s forthcoming film, My Story was released on-line on December 30. Since then it’s received huge quantity of hate comments and 83, 000 dislikes. several have conjointly supported Printo, a self-claimed Mammootty fan who had sent threats to the actor. Some have conjointly trolled the actor on the comments section and this shows that the actor continues to be underneath cyber attack.

The actor has but stood her ground and refuses to require her quantity of on-line abuse that she has received gently. She wrote a chunk titled, Why grammar matters for Scroll, within which she aforesaid, “What I spoke concerning within the video was about however filmmakers use visual grammar to stress unhealthy, misogynistic qualities as one thing to root for.”

She cited the example that Sreehari Sreedharan spoke of recently and explained however constant scene is completed otherwise to underline and celebrate courage. She then continued , “So yes, a personality are often anyone. they’ll have sexist, misogynistic tendencies, however is his hate being underlined as a nasty quality or is his hate being knowingly or unknowingly portrayed as one thing good? It depends on what cinematic grammar you utilize. you’ll be able to continuously mirrorreality by showing a misogynistic man however you’ll be able to conjointly show make sure it isn’t explored to as an honest quality.”

She also pointed out that she isn’t curb criticism by business out hate. “One will show reality, however one doesn’t ought to glorify its vices to try and do therefore. This responsibility resides with the author and director. Above all, a star during a position of power will continuously have a say on the matter of what he will project or say on the screen,” she wrote and other, “If you say i’m intolerant, then affirmative i’m intolerant towards the depiction of girls and folks of diversity in cinema. I don’t wish to sit down and squirm in my seat observation such scenes. this can be my movie industry and that i work here. thus I actually have each right to talkconcerning this. If somebody contains a line of reasoning to form against mine, i’m all ears. All I ask for is healthy discussion and debate.”

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