Prithviraj’s Vimanam is Ready To Fly : Teaser Released

Prithviraj’s upcoming film Vimanam’s Teaser was Released.Pradeep M Nair was the director of Vimanam.Vimanam has generated a lot of curiosity as it has been inspired by the real-life story of Saji M Thomas, a deaf-mute person from Idukki who was in the news for building a light-weight aircraft all by himself.

 While everybody presumed that the film would be an inspirational one, the actor revealed recently that it would have a love angle as well. ‘Vimanam is inspired from Saji’s life but it is not a biopic. As its tagline says, ‘To fly was his dream…to love was his destiny!’ It has a passionate yet innocent love story. While the hero desires to fly, Cupid strikes. You will get to know more on it when watching the film,’ Prithviraj says.
 The movie talks about the entire life of the protagonist. ‘Vimanam happens in an extended timespan and in two different time periods. Hence, I will have to make some changes in my physical appearance to project the dual looks. The story caught my imagination at the first narration itself and haunted me too,’ he says.
 Vimanam’s director, Pradeep M Nair adds that the film will be a big budget one with a lot of computer graphics and sky views. ‘It will be the first Malayalam movie with the theme of aviation. The film will go on floors on January 20, 2017 and will be shot mainly at Batkal, in Mangalore,’ he says.
Ask Prithviraj if he would have to lose weight for the role as for his yet another upcoming film, Blessy’s Aadujeevitham, the actor replies, ‘I don’t have to undergo a drastic weight reduction for Vimanam like for Aadujeevitham. The latter will be shot with intermittent gaps in multiple schedules, so I will have enough time to reduce and also gain weight. In fact, Blessy has asked me to gain weight for the first schedule of Aadujeevitham. The film can be shot only in a particular season as the script demands it.’
  • Watch Vimanam Teaser Below

Vimaanam Movie Teaser

#Vimaanam …the intro teaser.When his dreams take wings…!

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