SUDANI FROM Nigeria STORY: Majeed is a soccer club manager in Malappuram and whereas his team plays for the Sevens tournament, one amongst the foreign players from Nigeria, Samuel, injures his leg. As he’s suggested a month of rest, Majeed takes samuel to his home. But, it absolutely was simply the start of a series of mishaps.  

SUDANI FROM {nigeria|Nigeria|Federal Republic of Nigeria|African country|African nation} REVIEW: The name Sudani from Nigeria is exclusive, however it will have a lazy downmarket tinge to that. And after you see the actors featured on its posters, most of whose faces aren’t quite acquainted or rank among our high artistes, it’s simple to guage it as a project that may not offer much. All of the impressions are quashed shortly when this refreshing sports drama begins and nonchalantly moves forward sort of a neighbourhood tale. This film shows however a story with a robust spine and actors of calibre will still place along a splendidly entertaining and touching tale.

Samuel aka Sudu is an ace striker in Majeed’s Sevens eleven, that has several players like him imported from Africa. Halfway through the tournament, Sudu includes a freak accident and injures his leg and spine. he’s forced to rest, and Majeed takes him home to recuperate. However, one when the opposite a series of troubles manifest itself, golf stroke each Majeed and Sudu in a very soup.

Sports dramas of M-Town are usually same loser stories however Sudani from Nigeria is really totally different. It’s an astonishingly refreshing tale, set within theelectrical setting of soccer delirium in Malappuram. every of the characters is therefore endearing that each one of them win the viewers’ hearts. Impressing the audience may be a habit for Soubin Shahir however the one that surprises during this film is prophet, the 19-year-old handsome Nigerian actor. Be it as a at a loss foreigner amidst the over caring Malayalis or as the enraged African soul who can’t stand the privileged wasting water, his performance is prodigious. His smile lights up the screen and once he’s in pain, it reflects each on to the remainder on the frame and therefore the viewers outside of it. several of the scenes that show his caretakers praying to alleviate Sudu’s misery, or for the recovery of his passport and therefore the like get incised in our minds. It’s conjointly a great deal of fun to look at however the African players merge with the Malappuram crowd, be it to examine out a neighbourhood search or force 2 sparring soccer teams.

When the movie traverses on the far side the football zone to the destroyed world of Sudu’s family and turns its attention to the unbeloved character of Majeed’s mother, the film lands up effortlessly exploring several larger problems too. Savithri Sreedharan who plays Soubin’s mom’s character and Sarasa Balussery’s Beeyumma conjointlystick with us long when the movie wraps up. 

Sudani from Nigeria may not have huge names to boast of however it’s got everything in its right place, be it comedy, sentiments, thrills or tears. a trip to examine him out would undoubtedly be worth it.

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