Velaikkaran A thought provoking Movie: Let Check the Review

After the blockbuster success of Thani Oruvan, director Mohan Raja is back with another socially relevant business mortal. now with an enormous star solid led by Sivakarthikeyan and Fahadh Faasil. Amidst all the hype, let’s see however Velaikkaran has fared.

Velaikkaran, rather like Thani Oruvan, deals with a awfully relevant social issue. whereas that film was regarding medical mafia this one is regarding food adulteration. it’s once more however a movie regarding how a single man leads a fight against the system, however what makes Velaikkaran fascinating is its well researched writing. Mohan Raja and Su Ba have plainly place in a very ton of efforts within the writing, that acts because the movie’s backbone.  

Sivakarthikeyan is certain to succeed in subsequent level with this film. it’s a career process role and also the actor has performed splendidly well. sometimesproverbial for his humour, Sivakarthikeyan has done rather more now and ticks almost all the boxes. when the writing, the next neatest thing in Velaikkaran is Fahadh Faasil. creating his Tamil debut with a gray shaded role, Fahadh has towered over each different actor by owning virtually the whole half.
Nayanathara’s parts looked half-baked rather like however it absolutely was in Thani Oruvan. Her character may are written far better to utilize the sensiblethespian in her. The film encompasses a large supporting cast and also the director has given atleast one marking purpose for them. Veteran actors Rohini and Prakash dominion were the most effective among them.

Anirudh’s songs became successful even before the film’s release. His background score is additionally apt for the film’s mood. He has single handley elevated many mass scenes together with his thumping score. Ramji’s visuals and stage director T Muthuraj efforts to create the sets look real and convincing merit an enormous spherical of approval. On the negative aspect, the film was a small indefinite amount too long that may are avoided by chopping of a couple of partswithin the latter half.
In a shell, Mohan Raja has given specifically what was expected of him when delivering a movie like Thani Oruvan. Velaikkaran is pure desi commercialentertainment with an honest social message in it.

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