You Can Now Add Multiple Stops to Your Uber

Uber now lets riders add multiple stops to a single ride. This may be a standard feature of ordinary cab rides, but it has proven to be a long time coming for Uber and other ride-sharing services. Lyft added the option in 2016, and Uber has now finally caught up with its biggest competitor.

Love it or hate it, Uber is changing the way many of us get from A to B, especially in big cities. However, Uber is far from perfect, and despite its many advantages over regular taxis, it also has its disadvantages. One of which is the inflexibility of the drivers. But things are improving…


How to Add Multiple Stops to Your Uber

Uber has been testing allowing riders to add multiple stops to their journey since May 2017. And now it’s finally ready to roll out worldwide on Android and on iOS. It has already gone live in various big cities, and should be rolled out to everyone over the next few weeks.

You’ll know when you have the option by the addition of a ‘+’ sign to the right off “Where to?” If you click the ‘+’ sign you’ll be able to add up to three extra stops between your starting point and destination. And you can add, remove, or edit these during your journey.


As a courtesy to your driver Uber requests that you limit each stop to three minutes or less. Staying for longer at any stop could result in extra charges being added to your journey. So this is only meant for picking up and dropping off rather than waiting for someone outside a venue.

To be fair it was already possible to make multiple stops in a single Uber journey, but doing so meant informally arranging detours with your driver. Now, the option to stop several times in a single journey is built right into the app, making things much clearer for everyone concerned.

This Makes Sharing an Uber Easier Than Ever

This might feel like a small change to the way Uber operates, but it’s a rather crucial one for anyone who uses Uber to get home after a big night out. Now, rather than all having to book an Uber separately, you and your friends can all get in the same car and get dropped off one by one.




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